Baby dedication service

Care & Prayer

Every week, members of First Presbyterian visit patients (members and nonmembers) by request at Kalispell Regional Medical Center. Worshippers are encouraged to share needs, life-changes, and celebrations to Pastors, Covenant Group, Deacons, Elders or Church Office allowing then the church to respond with the care of Christ. We pray in Worship, Small Groups, among Staff, and connect for prayer by e-mail.

Covenant Groups

  • We live all over the Valley –Whitefish to Bigfork, Essex to Big Arm
  • From one large church, create small groups that build caring relationships across all generations 
  • When someone is sick, make a meal – if a family is having a baby, celebrate together!
  • Once you learn of one anothers interests and passions, the group will be inspired to serve Christ by serving their community 
  • If some are absent from worship, call and reach out
  • Above all, build caring relationships as covenant friends of faith
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