At First Presbyterian, we discover the grace of Christ needed for faith-filled lives in the 21st century. Through classes and small groups we hope to challenge minds, widen hearts, and demonstrate a generous gospel for all people. No matter your age, whether you are hopeful, fatigued, or skeptical of church – we welcome you to come and see for yourself the Good News of Jesus the Christ. 

The recipe for our Small Groups begin with You...

Small Group Ministry is a vehicle for relational, spiritual, missional and community transformation.  Instead of providing a buffet of educational resources for folks to pick, choose, and not choose from... our church community is here to support your ministry, your interests and help you grow in the ways Christ is already challenging and inspiring you! 

Covenant Groups
  • We live all over the Valley – Whitefish to Bigfork, Essex to Big Arm
  • From one large church, create small groups that build relationships made from all generations for people who know & care for one another
  • When someone is sick, make a meal – if a family is having a baby, celebrate together!
  • Once knowing one another, a Covenant Group will discover their many passions and interests and find ways to serve Christ by serving their community
  • Serve meals to the homeless together or work on a Habitat House
  • If they are missing a lot of worship, call and reach out 
  • Above all, love and care for one another as a Covenant of Faith
Marriage Enrichment
  • Gather married couples: 1–56 years married
  • Put them in a beautiful setting for a weekend retreat
  • Add couple facilitators who know their stuff
  • Tell them all communication is learned and thus can be unlearned, relearned
  • Listen to couples dialogue with their partners – no judgment allowed
  • All dialogue is voluntary and only dialogue with your spouse
  • Mix together then watch as a couple grows closer, sets goals and grows in intimacy and understanding
Wednesday Study

Everyone needs a mid-week recharge (class will resume in September)

  • Invite adults to gather over the lunch hour
  • Pick an inspiring book or text from the Bible to grow from
  • Plant that word in the rich soil of good fellowship and open minds
  • Water with grace, prayer, and support
  • Come for one book (4–8 weeks) or never leave – either way, great things will happen in this small group.
Colter Bible Study

(Lectio Divina means Divine Word):

  • Get a variety of generations – singles, couples, widows, and older adults
  • Gather twice a month for prayer and study at a local coffee shop
  • Select a book of the Bible to read together bit by bit
  • Slow down, reading the text through 3 times
  • Allow the Word of God to sink deep, watering dry bones
  • Listen for what stands out, amazes, confuses or confounds
  • Imagine the text woven into the tapestry of the Gospel and into your life
Dinners for 7 or 8
  • Share a meal in one another’s homes, a park, a church, be creative
  • Rotate hosting and bringing food over 3 or 4 months
  • Let people bring food and stories
  • Build relationships for this is where great transformation occurs
  • Then discover Christ among you breaking bread
  • Celebrate abundance, Celebrate communion, Celebrate coming home
Children Growing in Christ
  • Take excitement from parents & church
  • Train wonderful volunteers & empower parents
  • Invite kids to sing, dance, act, and help lead worship
  • Let them tell us the Christmas Story
  • Play with them at the pool & on hay bales
  • Offer a week of free summer VBS Day Camp to the whole community
  • Remember, they are all Made in the Image of God & show they belong
  • Baptize trusting God initiates everything for life & salvation
Presbyterian Men
  • Get together with men once a month for breakfast
  • Be inspired by leaders in the community, challenging issues and new opportunities to learn and grow
  • Connect in service around the Flathead…even break a sweat
  • Do not complicate things, just build friendships and pray together
Presbyterian Women
  • Across oceans, languages, and tribes, connect with PC(U.S.A.) women and missions around the world responding to need to prevent disease, educate, empower, clothe, feed, protect, speak out and empower
  • Gather monthly for lunch or dinner and study premiere Biblical scholarship
  • Retreat together near and far for worship, study, mission and fellowship
  • Host an Annual Bazaar in the fall to raise funds supporting local ministries that shelter, intervene, feed, protect, educate and nurture young faith
Youth Group
  • Take some youth from the neighborhood
  • Add some youth from the church
  • Provide a sacred space each week with caring, invested adults
  • Allow people to be real and messy while learning about themselves & Jesus
  • Marinade with fun, laughter, stories, games, communion, retreats, and prayer
  • Watch for the Holy Spirit to rise up confident, playful, grace-filled teens who inspire the church, serve God with joy, and make a difference in other’s lives.